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something awesome this way comes. [five things, 10.13.11]

The bad news, my job sucks to the point that I literally had to quit for my mental well-being. The good news, only six more shifts until I am free of Java Bean forever. October 22nd. To help me make it through, I have compiled this list of awesome stuff that is coming during my final days of work, and immediately afterward. There is goodness coming (and hopefully that goodness will soon include a new job, but we’ll see).

1. Friday, October 14th. Also known as, Tomorrow!!: Our new iPhones arrive in the mail.

I know, I know… these phones are only a new 4 and not the iPhone 5. I know that if you have an iPhone 4, many are saying to just wait it out. Well, Emily and I don’t have iPhone 4’s, or iPhone 3G S’s, but instead have iPhone 3G’s. Oooooooooold school iPhones. Over 3 years old, which is ancient in smart phone years. We are so excited to have phones that work again! It’ll be hard not to keep using it while I’m at work Saturday.


2. Saturday, October 15th: Sounders Game

We get to go to the Seattle Sounders game on Saturday. The feel will probably be a bit different with the larger crowd, since they are opening up all the seating. Still, this is as much fun as you can have at a sporting event.

Seattle ’til I Die, bitches.


3. Sunday, October 16: The Walking Dead returns. 

The first season started off so strong, and then moved into a hit or miss sort of field. Early accounts are that the new season starts off strong as well, but then Darabont left so who knows what the season holds. Either way, I know for damned sure I’ll be tuned in this Sunday.


4. Tuesday, October 18th: Batman: Arkham City arrives in the mail. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum was so amazing. To use the vernacular of my youth, that game was dope! I can honestly say, without any hyperbole whatsoever, that I have never been this excited for the release of a video game before. Ever. To be Batman again, this time with added villains and allies. Oh, yes. Things will be looking up in the world of Bruce Way… I mean Scott Small.

Pre-order HERE.


5. Monday, October 24th: Tom Waits – Bad As Me 

Tom Waits has a new album coming out October 24th.

Tom Waits. Has a new album. Coming. O.ut. Oct.o.ber

Tom! Waits!

And the heavens opened up, and God said, “I love you, Charlie Brown.”

Get the single HERE.


game of thrones.

Game of Thrones is finally here! HBO appears to have done it again.

If the first episode is any indication, this show is going to be wonderful. Watching last night made me wish that all my favorite books were going to get their own HBO series, which makes me even more excited that American Gods is potentially on its way to my Home Box Office.

Good lord, I just wish I could have watched the whole series last night.

I look forward to checking in with people who haven’t read the books. I’m pretty sure the show was awesome either way, but I’m aware that for me so much of my joyous nerdgasm came from how brilliantly they were bringing Martin’s world to life. With a few fair exceptions, the casting is absolutely inspired. They made some small changes already to the story, which perhaps will lead to more. Still, the episode was perfect. Perfect, I tell you!

I’m hoping to watch it again tonight with Emily.

dead island. [trailer park.]

So, this is actually a video game trailer. Even if you hate video games, you need to watch it anyway. It’s that good. As written on Cinematical, you can just watch it as a short (3 minutes) zombie film.

Dead Island is a zombie game. It will take place on a resort island in Papua New Guinea.

Warnings: well, it’s a zombie game, so that’s what you can expect. Not scary, but there is some gore. The trailer is also sad, not funny or action-packed like most zombie related content. Then again, if it was just action packed you probably wouldn’t be able to call it a short film.

Seriously though, watch it.

Three movies you’ve never heard of

I was bored and decided to sift through some of the movies I have. These three stood out, just because they are next to each other. It occurred to me that they’re some of my favorite movies and people have never seen them or  heard of them. I thought it’d be a cool post, and a way to educate you on my love of cheesy “horror” movies.

If you like Zombies, comedy, blood, guts, slithering things, and explosions, then check this out. I promise you won’t be too disappointed. The tag line alone, is enough to make you want to see it.
Night of the Creeps is a movie about alien brain parasites that take over people by entering their mouths and turn them into zombies. Gross right? But amazing.
It stars Jason Lively and the superb Tom Atkins. This movie is so cheesy and silly, but I think that’s what makes it so stellar. The lines that Tom Atkins has to say in this movie are so over the top and ridiculous, it’s hard not to laugh. It has a 1950’s drive-in horror movie feel to it and that’s one of the reasons I liked it so much.

My Best Friend is a Vampire is a movie that I saw all the time as a kid, and I loved it.
It stars a young Robert Sean Leonard as a boy who is seduced by an older woman, during the rendezvous she turns him into a vampire and the insanity ensues. He slowly transforms into a vampire, establishes a taste for raw steak and gets followed by what you’d call a Watcher. It’s got some really funny moments and just a really great 80’s teen comedy feel to it.
I’ll be forever grateful for being introduced to Timbuk 3’s “”Future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades” through the movie’s kick ass montage.

If you’re not going to watch any of the other movies I mentioned, watch this.  This movie is hands-down, one of my ALL time favorite movies. I’ve been watching this movie since I was 8 years old, and I have yet to get sick of it. I’ll never grow up.
This movie came out in 1987, and was shown constantly on HBO the next year.
The movie takes place in a small town, where this group of boys are big into monsters. They go toe to toe with Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Wolfman, the Mummy, and Frankenstein’s Monster over an amulet that could end the world. The main character’s little sister is also a key character and has one of the greatest lines in the movie.
The movie has action, comedy, monsters, and one of my favorite movie montages of all time. Do you see a pattern here? If you’re looking for a reason to watch it, think of it as Goonies with the Universal Monsters.
The DVD finally came out in 2007, and it’s one of the best 2 disc DVD’s I’ve ever bought. Amazing behind the scenes stuff,commentary, and interviews with the cast.
Sadly,they are working on a script to remake it, not needed, but what can ya do.

as seen on tv. [the many lists of 2010.]

I didn’t actually keep track of tv shows I watched in 2010. I should have, like Kj did, but I failed to do so.

I’ll have to remember to do that this year. In the future, I would like to actually do this as a season specific thing, but I need to keep track before I can do that.

To be on the list, they didn’t have to air this year, I just had to watch at least one full season for the first time this year.


1. Archer

Let’s see… today is the 6th, which means we have two weeks and five days until the new season starts. Rejoice!


2. Dexter

Em and I are dreadfully behind in our Dexter episodes. We really need to use this week to catch all the way up. So many shows, so little time.

3. Community

The second season started a bit slow, but then kicked into ‘awesome’ gear again.

I love how layered all of the show’s references are. There are the really obvious overarching pop culture references, like the Goodfellas/Godfather episode, or the Space Camp/The Right Stuff/Apollo 13 episode, etc. Yet, they also have tiny little references I don’t catch until I’ve seen an episode two or three times; tiny moments of dialogue, the way someone drops their pepper water gun, or even the fact that early in season one, Troy and Jeff are jokingly referencing Gillian Jacobs’ caracter in Choke as they leave a classroom.

Also, they gave me my favorite holiday special ever.

4. Sherlock

This show is fantastic. Only three 90 minute episodes in Series One, so it left Emily and me wanting so much more. Episode two was a little meh, but one and three were so very entertaining.

5. Doctor Who

Along with Sherlock, Doctor Who ensures that 2 of these 10 shows are somehow related to Steven Moffat.

The man is a television god. “The Empty Child”/”The Doctor Dances,” the first two episodes he wrote for Doctor Who, back in ’05, were my favorite from the revamp’s first year. Then, he churned out great episodes in every season after that, including the Carey Mulligan episode.

Perhaps the most impressive thing he’s done is make a fifth season I am enjoying so much. I’m not going to lie, I cried like a big fat baby watching David Tennant’s last episode, so it was a tall order to win me over to some fancy new Doctor. Somehow, it took Moffat’s ‘revamped revamp’ about 5 minutes and I was totally in.

This show also gets more accessible every season, to the point that Doctor Who spinoff ‘Torchwood‘ (which, you’ll notice, is an anagram of Doctor Who) is moving to the states via Stars.

Anyway, if the Doctor ever starts taking male companions around with him on a more regular basis, I’m taking my talents to the TARDIS.


6. Castle

As I was making this list, I realized that Nathan Fillion is probably known to many in the country as ‘that guy from Castle.’

This makes me sad. He has so much more to offer.

Yet, that’s not entirely bad. I think everybody can use a light detective drama in their life, to unwind without having to invest heavily on a mental level. This just happens to be the best one of those out there. The writings is usually pretty good for the genre, the characters are all likeable, and the show is clever and witty.

When you get that while also getting to bask in the sexiness of Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, it’s a win, win, win.

7. The Walking Dead

This adaptation of the graphic novels doesn’t disappoint. Although, I am soooo curious where they are going in season two, since they diverged so much from the end of the first volume of the books.

8. Lost

The end of Lost certainly fits into that ‘Love it or Hate it’ category. While there were certainly disappointments, and plenty could have been more satisfying, I am still most definitely one of those seated in the ‘Love’ section.

9. 30 Rock

I have one pet peeve, something maybe everyone else can help me out with. During the first episode of 30 Rock, The Girlie Show was already a thing. Then, Jack came to town, made Lemon hire Tracy Jordan, and rebranded the show as TGS with Tracy Jordan. Still, it’s the same show, just a rebranding, like when Saturday Night Live changed their branding to SNL, or American Movie Classics changed their branding to AMC. So, my question is, why does the show always pretend that TGS is only as old as 30 Rock? They celebrate 30 Rock milestones ‘in show,’ by pretending they are at the same milestones in TGS. What’s the deal there? Am I just missing something? Help a brother out.

Aside from that, this show is amazing. The best guest appearances, awesome inside jokes, hilarious writing, and the remarkable ability to have a show that still has me laughing out loud in season five. What is this, Seinfeld?

10. Deadwood

Slow, dark, gritty, angry, violent, and brilliant.

This show follows along so closely with the historical account of how things went down in the actual Deadwood, it’s got much more reality than so called ‘reality tv.’

Grab your old records and cricket bat …

AMC’s The Walking Dead wrapped up its successful first season recently. Though there seemed to be quite a bit of deviation from the graphic novels, the story has been gory, intriguing, and fun so far. In case you missed any of it, here is EVERY ZOMBIE DEATH from Season 1.

Can’t wait for Season 2!

five things. [12.10.10]

The first 2010 list should be up tomorrow. It’s almost entirely ready to go up now, but Brian is working like a million hours today, so we will have to wait until tomorrow for his finishing touches on his portion.

So, today, in lieu of that post, and in the hopes that this lets Jeff take a breath and keeps him from passing out for another day, here are five random things I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Doctor Who

I’ve been watching the reboot, and as evidenced by its appearance in my “What to Buy Me For Christmas” post, I’m totally hooked now. Series Two is what did it. David Tennant is so awesome as The Doctor. I totally plan on coming up with a Tenth Doctor Halloween Costume for next year.

Also, my default ringtone is now the TARDIS taking off. Yep, that’s right, I’m awesome.


2. Perdido Street Station by China Miéville

This is going to end up on a list of its own, so I won’t say anything other than the fact that this book was brilliant. China Miéville is a genius. This story was so brutal and imaginative. I’m looking forward to reading more of Miéville’s work.


3. Conan O’Brien

Conan is back, and that is most definitely a good thing. Now we can watch something genuinely funny, instead of watching Jay Leno punch comedy in the dick every night.


4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One

We’ve seen it twice now. It was as fantastic as it should have been. Ever since Yates took over, the movies have been so sharp and well balanced. And wasn’t that animated short that told the story of the Deathly Hallows amazing?

The only downside is having to wait so very long for Part Two.

Seeing it here at Cinerama, I was surprised (based on reactions to certain moments in the story) how many Seattleites went to see the movie opening weekend, but have never read the books. I’ve just never thought of the movies from the standpoint of a purely cinematic event. I certainly think the movies are good enough to warrant that, but I’ve just always thought about the movies and the books joined.

I really wonder how I will feel after the final movie ends. Either way, come this summer, shits about to get real.


5. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

So, let’s see here. An action packed steampunk story, set in an alternate history, Civil War era Seattle, in which the city has been cordoned off because of the release of a dangerous subterranean gas which kills those who inhale it, only to revive them as zombies?

Umm, yes, please.