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being flynn. [trailer park.]


the hunger games. [trailer park.]

I know most of my friends have already seen this, but here’s a link anyway, just in case. HERE.

snow white and the huntsman. [trailer park.]

I was excited about this when it was in development, right up until the moment Kristen Stewart was attached. The fact that she doesn’t speak in the trailer isn’t a good sign for her performance.

Watch the trailer HERE.

led by wanderlust, paranorman bought a zoo on jump street. [trailer park, 11.6.11]

Lately, I’ve only been posting videos. Lame!

On that note, here are some more.




We Bought A Zoo


21 Jump Street





Sorry for being late getting this up. I’ve got 99 problems; not being able to sit down at the computer is one of them.

lots of trailers, or, the secret chronicle of the tyrannosaur lorax. [trailer park, 10.30.11]

A few trailers to catch up with. Some are probably already up on tv. You should watch ALL of them, sucka.

1. Chronicle

Courtesy of Mr. Josué Blanco. Also, SEATTLE!


2. Dr. Suess’ The Lorax


3. The Secret World of Arrietty

Miyazaki, that’s all I need to know.


4. Tyrannosaur

I assume it’ll take a long time for me to muster the fortitude to watch this one.

trailer park + five things. [10.16.11]

Here are five trailers I like. You should watch them. The End.

1. This Means War


2. Machine Gun Preacher


3. Coriolanus

Shakespeare, losers.


4. Shame


5. Albert Hobbs