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And on this note, I’m going to go play my PS3:

How many games can you identify without cheating?


something awesome this way comes. [five things, 10.13.11]

The bad news, my job sucks to the point that I literally had to quit for my mental well-being. The good news, only six more shifts until I am free of Java Bean forever. October 22nd. To help me make it through, I have compiled this list of awesome stuff that is coming during my final days of work, and immediately afterward. There is goodness coming (and hopefully that goodness will soon include a new job, but we’ll see).

1. Friday, October 14th. Also known as, Tomorrow!!: Our new iPhones arrive in the mail.

I know, I know… these phones are only a new 4 and not the iPhone 5. I know that if you have an iPhone 4, many are saying to just wait it out. Well, Emily and I don’t have iPhone 4’s, or iPhone 3G S’s, but instead have iPhone 3G’s. Oooooooooold school iPhones. Over 3 years old, which is ancient in smart phone years. We are so excited to have phones that work again! It’ll be hard not to keep using it while I’m at work Saturday.


2. Saturday, October 15th: Sounders Game

We get to go to the Seattle Sounders game on Saturday. The feel will probably be a bit different with the larger crowd, since they are opening up all the seating. Still, this is as much fun as you can have at a sporting event.

Seattle ’til I Die, bitches.


3. Sunday, October 16: The Walking Dead returns. 

The first season started off so strong, and then moved into a hit or miss sort of field. Early accounts are that the new season starts off strong as well, but then Darabont left so who knows what the season holds. Either way, I know for damned sure I’ll be tuned in this Sunday.


4. Tuesday, October 18th: Batman: Arkham City arrives in the mail. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum was so amazing. To use the vernacular of my youth, that game was dope! I can honestly say, without any hyperbole whatsoever, that I have never been this excited for the release of a video game before. Ever. To be Batman again, this time with added villains and allies. Oh, yes. Things will be looking up in the world of Bruce Way… I mean Scott Small.

Pre-order HERE.


5. Monday, October 24th: Tom Waits – Bad As Me 

Tom Waits has a new album coming out October 24th.

Tom Waits. Has a new album. Coming. O.ut. Oct.o.ber

Tom! Waits!

And the heavens opened up, and God said, “I love you, Charlie Brown.”

Get the single HERE.

welcome back, television. [five things.]

First, some thoughts I was having the other day. Television received the well-placed ire of the educated for some time. At best, it was a guilty pleasure people used to unwind in small doses, as well as the most convenient way to watch sports. At worst, it was a time sucking hole into which people through their hopes of a better life. The chance of seeing a well told story on tv was so slim for most of its history. There were certainly flashes of brilliance, like Seinfeld and The West Wing. There were shows that were too good to stay on the air, like Arrested Development and Firefly. And there was HBO, which has always been head and shoulders above anything else as far as original programming is concerned. Yet, for the last decade or so, things have been changing. People are trying to create truly great content for television, to the point that now television has become an artistically viable medium. What the what?

This point was really hammered home for me when I realized that so many legitimate and well respected actors are moving to television, and not just television, but network television. Television used to be an elephant graveyard, where once great -or at least, once popular- talents went to die. Gena Davis and Christian Slater tried to make the network tv thing work towards the end, and when even that didn’t work it was clear they were finished forever. Then the talent pool started improving, with Alec Baldwin heading to 30 Rock. He hadn’t had a hit movie in some time, so it was certainly in his best interest to become a big fish in the small network pond, but the man is a fantastic comedic actor, and he is one of the few parts that 30 Rock simply wouldn’t work without. His success there seems to have at least something to do with more actors making the move to the small screen.

Still, Ken Jeong heading to Community as a permanent cast member right around the time his star was rising its fastest? Zooey Deschanel taking her own sitcom? Will Ferrell volunteering to do a short stint on The Office? Maria Bello doing a procedural cop show? Christina Ricci joining Pan Am? Amber Heard on The Playboy Club? Adam Scott joining the cast of Parks and Rec right around the time in his career that most actors are leaving TV behind to seem more legitimate? Something is different. Actors would always head over to TV for a guest appearance to win an Emmy or two, show up on Law & Order or Friends for an ep. to collect some awards and acclaim and move on, but now actors are attaching to shows permanently. TV doesn’t have the stigma it once had.

Anyway, I’m not going anywhere with that. I should, but my brain isn’t working too well these days.

I just figured I would share that before heading into the five shows I’m most excited to see back this fall.

1. Community

It’s possibly my favorite comedy on television. I can’t wait to see what sorts of homages and references this season brings! We already got Abed calling their fake version of Doctor Who the greatest show he’s ever seen. Also, taking an already amazing show and adding John Goodman and Omar (I really hope they have him whistle “A Hunting We Will Go/The Farmer in the Dell” at some point this season) from The Wire. Ummm, yes please.

2. Parks and Rec

A show that just keeps getting better as it ages. Just the first few minutes of Ron Swanson in this year’s season opener was funnier than most shows are in their entire existence. On with season four!

3. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

So far, Fat Mac has been just as hilarious as I’d hoped he would be. The first episode was better than any from last year, as was episode dos. Looks like Sunny is back up to their old standard. Hallelujah.

4. 30 Rock

Another season that’s sure to have me Lizzing (laughing till I whiz) and Jacking (jumping up and down in excitement until I yack) all year.

5. Castle

I know, I know. I just can’t help myself, I’m in love with the cast and characters of this show.

hbo ftw.

Umm… yeah, HBO is basically just relentless in their quest to be the greatest force in entertainment history. In addition to the fact that they start filming season two of Game of Thrones next month, they’ve got another new show in the early stages:

Darren Aronofsky just signed on to direct the pilot of a drama called Hobgoblin, which is about “a group of con men and magicians who use their skills of deception to help defeat Hitler and the Germans during WWII.”

Oh yeah, while Aronofsky is directing, a writer by the name of Michael Chabon is co-writing the script with his wife. Hold on, I need to stop writing this post, my brain is exploding.


here’s to procrastination! [five things, 5.18.11]

There are several things I should probably be doing right now. Instead, I feel like writing a ‘five things’ post.



1. Parks and Recreation

I hated the first season of this show. There were funny moments, but I just couldn’t make myself like it. I wanted to like it, because I adore the cast, but it just wasn’t happening.

Season two on the other hand, I loved. It was everything I expected from season one. I started watching it yesterday because I hadn’t slept the night before and wasn’t capable of getting anything done. I finished the season this morning. Less than 24 hours, and I watched all of season two.

The video below has horrible graphics over the scenes, along with terrible voice over and editing. However, it is still an ode to my favorite character, so I posted it anyway.


2. The Antlers – Burst Apart

A ways back, my friend Luke put a link in his gchat status message telling everyone to buy Hospice by The Antlers. I’d never listened to The Antlers before, but at the time the album was only 3.99 on ‘Amazon mp3’ and Luke has good taste in music. What began was a love affair to rival Romeo and Juliet. The CD is an amazing concept album telling a story of the death of a loved one from cancer. If you don’t own it, go buy it right now here.

Anyway, they had a new album come out about a week ago. It’s called Burst Apart. It’s so different from Hospice. They go in a very different creative direction. Where it isn’t different is that the album is awesome. You can buy Burst Apart here.


3. Bridesmaids

Loved it. Hilarious and smart, but with its share of broad, low brow humor as well. I don’t think it would be possible for me to keep from falling in love with Kristen Wiig, the performance and character were great! This is not the girl version of The Hangover. It’s a story about growing into ourselves, as well as loving and being loved by our friends.

The performances were all hilarious, and Chris O’Dowd was as easy to fall in love with as Kristen Wiig.


4. “The Doctor’s Wife”: Neil Gaiman’s Episode of Doctor Who

Yeah, like there was any way I wasn’t going to mention this.

It was amazing. Easily slid in as one of my favorite episodes yet. Why can’t he just be a staff writer for a season or something?

The episode had everything I could want, and offered a wonderful twist on the history of how the Doctor came to steal the TARDIS. Woot!

I wish Emily was caught up so I could show it to her this week.


5. “A Fistful of Paintballs” and “For a Few Paintballs More”

Topping the original paintball episode in scope and fun was impossible. They did it anyway. With awesome homages to spaghetti westerns and Star Wars, these episodes were legiiiiiit!

The only down side, what the hell am I going to do without new episodes of Community for the next 4-6 months.

Have I ever mentioned how in love I am with Alison Brie?

idiot box, shmidiot shmox. [five things.]

There’s certainly a whole lot of stupid shit on tv. So, calling it the idiot box isn’t exactly unfair. Still, there is certainly plenty of television programming that I enjoy with no hint of guilty pleasure.

Here are five shows I’m enjoying the fuck out of lately.

1. The Killing [AMC]

Based on a Danish series, and set right here in my very own Seattle, The Killing is the the story of a single murder investigation. Promising, beautiful young high school student Rosie Larsen goes missing, and when her body is found it’s clear she’s been brutally murdered. The Killing shows the events that follow as the police hunt for the killer, from the perspective of a detective on her last case, her new partner on his first investigation after moving over from vice, a political candidate connected to the murder, and the family of the victim.

The show is smart, engaging, and beautifully filmed. Plus, it’s set in SEATTLE. Oh yeah, I already said that. Still, SEATTLE! In glorious HD on screens across the country.

There’s no way around it, AMC produces brilliant television entertainment.


2. Community [NBC]

My love for this show is no secret, so this is nothing new.

What is new? The fact that the last two episodes of the season are a paint ball spaghetti western, featuring Sawyer… In other words: !!!!!!!


3. Doctor Who [BBC]

Another show for which my love is well established here on the blog. Still, the sixth season is finally underway and it’s aaaammmmaaaazzziiiinnnnnggg.

The two-part season opener was so much fun to watch, and it set up all sorts of craziness that will play out over the course of the season. Stephen Moffat, you are a wonderful, wonderful man.

Episode three is coming up this week, but next week is episode four, ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, which was written by Neil. Fucking. Gaiman.

Doctor Who, FTW.


4. Being Human [BBC]

I’ve had this show on my Netflix queue for a while, not realizing that it was scheduled for an American version. I’d heard good things about the original, and then more good things about the Americanized version, so it got moved closer to the top of my queue.

The show is about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost who share a flat in England and try to live life as normally as possible.

Emily and I watched the whole first disc, about three hours worth, on Saturday.

The show is really great. Entertaining, and equal parts dramatic, sexy, scary, and funny. The acting has really impressed me so far.

We’re still early in our experience of the show, but the vampire character is my favorite vampire depiction ever. There are all sorts of things pertaining to vampires where I thought, why hasn’t anyone ever pursued this idea about vampire stories before? Well, early signs indicate they are pursuing a great many of these threads on Being Human.Plus, the guy who plays the vampire is hot, so that’s a bonus, too.

Color me excited!


5. Game of Thrones [HBO]

I need to write a whole post about the casting on this show, delighting in the perfect casting of some characters while also doing the tiniest bit of whining about the misfires, as least in my opinion.

The season is well underway now, and I’ve been really sad at the end of each episode. I just want it to keep going! It will get to a moment I loved from the books, and I’ll be enjoying it, and then, BAM, credits. Grr!

I don’t know what might happen to my brain when season one ends, perhaps I’ll just start breaking things, or I may just go catatonic for a while.

game of thrones.

Game of Thrones is finally here! HBO appears to have done it again.

If the first episode is any indication, this show is going to be wonderful. Watching last night made me wish that all my favorite books were going to get their own HBO series, which makes me even more excited that American Gods is potentially on its way to my Home Box Office.

Good lord, I just wish I could have watched the whole series last night.

I look forward to checking in with people who haven’t read the books. I’m pretty sure the show was awesome either way, but I’m aware that for me so much of my joyous nerdgasm came from how brilliantly they were bringing Martin’s world to life. With a few fair exceptions, the casting is absolutely inspired. They made some small changes already to the story, which perhaps will lead to more. Still, the episode was perfect. Perfect, I tell you!

I’m hoping to watch it again tonight with Emily.