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the fellowship.

Starting Friday night and moving late into Saturday, Emily and I were with friends for an epic sleepover marathon of the extended edition Lord of the Rings films.

3 epic movies. 6 sexy people (okay, so maybe only 5 were sexy). 12 awesome hours of movie. We were, as Josh named us, The Fellowship of the Fellowship of the Ring.

We were accompanied by delicious food, courtesy of Josué. There was also a really fun LOTR card game, courtesy of Josh that I look forward to playing again (okay, so only Josh and I played that).

It was a decidedly good decision, and I’m damned glad to have the friends I do. The only question is: what marathon do we do next?



Sorry for being late getting this up. I’ve got 99 problems; not being able to sit down at the computer is one of them.

lots of trailers, or, the secret chronicle of the tyrannosaur lorax. [trailer park, 10.30.11]

A few trailers to catch up with. Some are probably already up on tv. You should watch ALL of them, sucka.

1. Chronicle

Courtesy of Mr. Josué Blanco. Also, SEATTLE!


2. Dr. Suess’ The Lorax


3. The Secret World of Arrietty

Miyazaki, that’s all I need to know.


4. Tyrannosaur

I assume it’ll take a long time for me to muster the fortitude to watch this one.

back in the saddle, again. [five things, 10.24.11]

Things haven’t actually been all that sparse here on Roused over the last few weeks. I’ve gotten content up at least intermittently this month. Still, today marks my return to writing in earnest, so here are five more random things I’ve been enjoying of late.


1. Hanna

Just watched it for the second time, Emily’s first. I absolutely love this movie. The way its framed around Grimm’s Fairy Tales; a kick-ass heroine who isn’t masculinized, isn’t sexualized, and never loses her humanity in the midst of the struggle for survival; amazingly beautiful cinematography, editing, and great relationship between the visuals and the music, especially during action scenes.

Amazing performances as well, especially by the young Saoirse Ronan, who continues to amaze film after film.

Love. Love. Love.


2. Ides of March

People seem to be split on this movie. Sure, Rotten Tomatoes has it at 83%, which is nothing to scoff at, but when people don’t like it they seem to really hate it. I really enjoyed it, though.

I think a huge part of what drew me in was the power of Gosling’s performance. I really didn’t care much for him in the past. He had to go through a bit of a Leo DiCaprio style shift in how I felt about him. It started last year when I saw Half Nelson for the first time, and after Drive and Ides of March I am now wholly won over.

I think the Cloonster did a really great job in every facet of this film. There were always several layers going on at every moment, lots of implications that are never fleshed out, but are enjoyably playing below the surface for anyone paying enough attention. Every scene is filled with the characters off-screen, which isn’t an easy thing to do well, especially not with the subtlety of Ides of March.

It also seems important that the political darkness he is taking a look at happens in the world of his own political views. If the guys in this movie were all Republicans, it would have just felt like a cheap shot.

It’s a film of tremendous real-world darkness, which raised many questions, and the story is told with a skill that had Emily and me in conversation well after the film.

My feeling when I left the theater was, if a just world, this film locks up noms for Best Actor (The Gos), Best Supporting Actor, maybe twice (PSH and Giamatti), with some potential for Clooney as Director.


3. Summoner Wars

An awesome expandable nerd game that I love. I’m not very good at it, but I love it just the same. A bunch of fun ‘factions’ or armies to play as, lots of different styles of play to experiment with. Good times. Emily even likes it, which makes for lots of fun times.


4. John C Reilly as ‘Dean Ziegler’ in Cedar Rapids

The movie was decent. Uneven, but funny enough at times to be worth my 90 minutes. But, I loved John C. Reilly. If I was laughing out loud, it was almost certain to be Ziegler I was laughing at.


5. Starting the lists of 2011.

Yay! My favorite part of every year is making the lists of my favorite music, movie moments and characters, tv shows, video games, etc. Brian is back for a second straight year of collaborating on the music lists. We are getting started early to hopefully miss fewer great albums this year.


And on this note, I’m going to go play my PS3:

How many games can you identify without cheating?

something awesome this way comes. [five things, 10.13.11]

The bad news, my job sucks to the point that I literally had to quit for my mental well-being. The good news, only six more shifts until I am free of Java Bean forever. October 22nd. To help me make it through, I have compiled this list of awesome stuff that is coming during my final days of work, and immediately afterward. There is goodness coming (and hopefully that goodness will soon include a new job, but we’ll see).

1. Friday, October 14th. Also known as, Tomorrow!!: Our new iPhones arrive in the mail.

I know, I know… these phones are only a new 4 and not the iPhone 5. I know that if you have an iPhone 4, many are saying to just wait it out. Well, Emily and I don’t have iPhone 4’s, or iPhone 3G S’s, but instead have iPhone 3G’s. Oooooooooold school iPhones. Over 3 years old, which is ancient in smart phone years. We are so excited to have phones that work again! It’ll be hard not to keep using it while I’m at work Saturday.


2. Saturday, October 15th: Sounders Game

We get to go to the Seattle Sounders game on Saturday. The feel will probably be a bit different with the larger crowd, since they are opening up all the seating. Still, this is as much fun as you can have at a sporting event.

Seattle ’til I Die, bitches.


3. Sunday, October 16: The Walking Dead returns. 

The first season started off so strong, and then moved into a hit or miss sort of field. Early accounts are that the new season starts off strong as well, but then Darabont left so who knows what the season holds. Either way, I know for damned sure I’ll be tuned in this Sunday.


4. Tuesday, October 18th: Batman: Arkham City arrives in the mail. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum was so amazing. To use the vernacular of my youth, that game was dope! I can honestly say, without any hyperbole whatsoever, that I have never been this excited for the release of a video game before. Ever. To be Batman again, this time with added villains and allies. Oh, yes. Things will be looking up in the world of Bruce Way… I mean Scott Small.

Pre-order HERE.


5. Monday, October 24th: Tom Waits – Bad As Me 

Tom Waits has a new album coming out October 24th.

Tom Waits. Has a new album. Coming. O.ut. Oct.o.ber

Tom! Waits!

And the heavens opened up, and God said, “I love you, Charlie Brown.”

Get the single HERE.

the avengers. [trailer park.]

Don’t forget to watch the new Avengers trailer.