Finally watched The Illusionist last night. The 2010 French animated film, not the 2006 Ed Norton film that came out the same year as The Prestige but wasn’t nearly as awesome.

Anyway, L’illusionniste. It was such a wonderful, sad film. For one thing, it points to how beautiful simple animation can be, when done with care and skill. Not that computers weren’t involved, it’s just that so much of the film was intentionally imperfect. There were plenty of scenes where you could see pencil lines and shadings that were leftovers. It was beautiful.

I won’t go into details and spoil anything, aside from saying that the film is peopled with such lovely, yet tragic, characters, all without any dialogue outside the occasional single word here and there.

It really made me antsy to travel, too.

Also, the drunken Scotsman may be my favorite character from any film I’ve seen this year. Yeah, he pretty much is.

Many of the movies I’ve seen for the first time lately have been lackluster, but this one kicked things back into shape in a big way. You should watch it.

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