the thing. [trailer park.]

A trailer for the remake of John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’, which itself is, “Ostensibly a remake of the classic 1951 Howard Hawks-Christian Nyby film The Thing from Another World, Carpenter’s film is a more faithful adaptation of the novella Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell, Jr. which inspired the 1951 film.” [via@wikipedia]


1. The other day, my friend Josué was wondering when they’ll start rebooting/remaking movies we saw in the theaters as kids. The Thing isn’t quite there yet, but since it came out the year Josué and I were born, we’re getting pretty close.

2. Watching the trailer just made me want to check out the original again, which begs the question: Why remake the movie already?

3. Then again, the special effects in the first one are pretty dated (although it’s still most definitely worth watching in its own right), so perhaps the update will help the film be scarier. If they get the atmosphere right, like they did with the original, and the effects aren’t downright silly at times, this movie is going to be as gross and creepy as shit!

3. Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

4. Poor, poor dogs. Sad. They didn’t fuck with something that should’ve been left alone.

5. That scientist guy who takes a sample clearly hasn’t seen the 1982 version.

    • Jesse
    • July 15th, 2011

    “Footloose” is being remade. They’re getting closer all the time.

      • Scott
      • July 18th, 2011

      Oh yeah, Footloose, I forgot about that. I saw a trailer for it the other day, it looks like they took the script for the original and just mashed it together with Step it Up. Terrible.

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