idiot box, shmidiot shmox. [five things.]

There’s certainly a whole lot of stupid shit on tv. So, calling it the idiot box isn’t exactly unfair. Still, there is certainly plenty of television programming that I enjoy with no hint of guilty pleasure.

Here are five shows I’m enjoying the fuck out of lately.

1. The Killing [AMC]

Based on a Danish series, and set right here in my very own Seattle, The Killing is the the story of a single murder investigation. Promising, beautiful young high school student Rosie Larsen goes missing, and when her body is found it’s clear she’s been brutally murdered. The Killing shows the events that follow as the police hunt for the killer, from the perspective of a detective on her last case, her new partner on his first investigation after moving over from vice, a political candidate connected to the murder, and the family of the victim.

The show is smart, engaging, and beautifully filmed. Plus, it’s set in SEATTLE. Oh yeah, I already said that. Still, SEATTLE! In glorious HD on screens across the country.

There’s no way around it, AMC produces brilliant television entertainment.


2. Community [NBC]

My love for this show is no secret, so this is nothing new.

What is new? The fact that the last two episodes of the season are a paint ball spaghetti western, featuring Sawyer… In other words: !!!!!!!


3. Doctor Who [BBC]

Another show for which my love is well established here on the blog. Still, the sixth season is finally underway and it’s aaaammmmaaaazzziiiinnnnnggg.

The two-part season opener was so much fun to watch, and it set up all sorts of craziness that will play out over the course of the season. Stephen Moffat, you are a wonderful, wonderful man.

Episode three is coming up this week, but next week is episode four, ‘The Doctor’s Wife’, which was written by Neil. Fucking. Gaiman.

Doctor Who, FTW.


4. Being Human [BBC]

I’ve had this show on my Netflix queue for a while, not realizing that it was scheduled for an American version. I’d heard good things about the original, and then more good things about the Americanized version, so it got moved closer to the top of my queue.

The show is about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost who share a flat in England and try to live life as normally as possible.

Emily and I watched the whole first disc, about three hours worth, on Saturday.

The show is really great. Entertaining, and equal parts dramatic, sexy, scary, and funny. The acting has really impressed me so far.

We’re still early in our experience of the show, but the vampire character is my favorite vampire depiction ever. There are all sorts of things pertaining to vampires where I thought, why hasn’t anyone ever pursued this idea about vampire stories before? Well, early signs indicate they are pursuing a great many of these threads on Being Human.Plus, the guy who plays the vampire is hot, so that’s a bonus, too.

Color me excited!


5. Game of Thrones [HBO]

I need to write a whole post about the casting on this show, delighting in the perfect casting of some characters while also doing the tiniest bit of whining about the misfires, as least in my opinion.

The season is well underway now, and I’ve been really sad at the end of each episode. I just want it to keep going! It will get to a moment I loved from the books, and I’ll be enjoying it, and then, BAM, credits. Grr!

I don’t know what might happen to my brain when season one ends, perhaps I’ll just start breaking things, or I may just go catatonic for a while.

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