Thanks to Brian and Wes, I finally listened to OFWGKTA. These guys are young, crazy, amazingly talented high school dropouts.

This song and music video is engaging, disturbing, smart, fascinating and troubling. It’s great art.

As a bonus, here is their electric performance on Fallon. It’s evidence of the reality that ‘Tyler, the Creator’ and is cohorts grew up skateboarding, smoking pot, and consuming culture without following carefully designed race lines concerning what they were ‘supposed to be interested in’ according to what some asshole in a suit decided kids listen to and watch based on demographic.

Odd Future represents the subterranean rage and discontent amongst American youth, and not youth as in teens… hell, perhaps I mean youth as in people under 40. For so many reasons, and at the high cost of an unavoidable pun, OFWGKTA just may be the future of music.

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